CrossFit Haters

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For every one of you CrossFitters out there that love your box and everything that is CrossFit, there are 10 haters who will give you 101 reasons why CrossFit is bad for you and you shouldn’t be doing it. Shocking, I know, but they do exist.  These people are your friends, your mom, your co-workers, the “personal trainers” at globo gyms, team coaches, or anyone else that feels like what they do or have done is better than “that crazy stuff you won’t shut up about and post about 24-7 on Facebook.”

As CrossFitters we typically subscribe to a family friendly, community based, positive, motivational outlook on life and a response like “I can do waaaay more s*** faster and better than you and I look better naked”, wouldn’t exactly be appropriate. So here are a few CrossFit Hater criticisms and here are some appropriate responses…



You: Yes, compared to most globo gyms, when comparing numbers only, a good CrossFit box cost more per month. But go up to the front desk at LA Fitness and tell someone that you want a trainer to put together a workout plan for you. Tell them you’d like a plan for 6 days a week, strict attention to detail, varied workouts that aren’t repeated weekly, mobility work, core work, nutrition guidance, a great deal of motivation, and make it fun…Do you need a ride to Chase for the second mortgage you’ll need to take out for this? Seriously though, for the type of training you will receive at a GOOD CrossFit gym, the prices you will pay are a bargain compared to the personal training industry. Besides, you drink a cup of $6 coffee and eat out for lunch daily.


You: We have highly involved coaches who teach us proper technique on all movements DAILY. We never begin a WOD without being refreshed on a movement and we never use inappropriate weight while doing a workout. If our form looks bad, we have coaches there to correct us on the spot and give us cues so that we can fix any flaws that we may have. I’m willing to bet that your texting while driving can kill you or someone else a lot faster than Fran can.


You: We perform a rigorous warm-up daily that preps our specific muscle, joint, and tendon groups for the work ahead. Our movements are done with strict attention to proper spinal alignment, range of motion, and efficiency throughout the movement. With good nutrition and a proper nutrient supplementation, we keep our joints well lubricated and our bodies in a prime state to perform any task that is thrown our way. If too much ballistic, or high intensity training is bad for you, how come all those Olympic athletes that were just on TV a few weeks ago are in such peak physical condition and at the pinnacle of their respective sports? Oh that’s right, those guys stay far away from Olympic style weightlifting and plyometrics!


You: I am doing things I never imagined that I could do. I’m at a weight that I haven’t been at since high school. Actually, I’ve NEVER been this weight! My energy level is through the roof. My blood work is the best it’s ever been. I’m meeting new friends that want to see me accomplish and vice versa. I’m actually having FUN working out and I look forward to going to the gym. CrossFit may very well have a cult following but it has been life changing for me and my family and I plan to stick with it for a LOOOOOONG time!

These are just a few...if you have more CFH lines, post them in the comments section.



1 Min Max Rep

  • Burpees

Ladder Down , Ladder Up (20-1, 1-20)

  • Squats
  • Hand Release Push Ups

(ex. 20 Squats - 1 Push Up, 19 Squats - 2 Push Ups...1 Squat - 20 Push Ups)


  Burpees WOD
Ed 15 23:20
Steve 12 21:03
Kristen 20 20:19
Tiffany G 15 23:01
Rudi 17 18:20
Christina 14 20:22
Brooke 16 23:10
Scott 16 3+6
Seth 18 15:32
Fay 19 16:50
Velma 15 26:15
Mike 19 25:59
Jon 29 22:00
David 10 11:37
Kelley 15 21:50
Trish 12 24:32
Shelly 12 19:16
Lou 23 24:48
Daniel 18 28:14
Pep 8 30:34
Martin 21 22:13
James 23 19:48
Josue 22 24:35
Andy 19 20:59
Kenny 23 18:34
Mynor 28 13:52
Chris K 29 21:57
Austin 26 18:45
Tim 20 21:10
Trey 25 15:09
K. Sam 25 17:34
Stevan 21 19:20
Theo 29 19:01
Tiffany G 17 21:00
Erin 16 19:06
Erik 26 18:46
Andrew 30 16:30
Rodell 24 24:06
Ryan 27 16:16
Kris 18 31:19
Eric 23 14:30
Eddie 23 18:24
Misty 15 21:40
Nora 18 20:58
Thieu 20 30:57
Chris M 17 24:22
Christine 28 26:45
Mario 15 24:43
Noland 21 27:46
Troy 27 C&J
Aaron 19 17:02
Sam 15 32:36
Akia 19 24:06
Tony 22 26:55
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